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Most kids love dogs and many families don’t feel complete unless they have a dog or two taking up more than their share of space in the home. This means that families tend to be on the lookout for the best kid-friendly dog breeds that will be good (safe) companions for their children. The sad news is that while most dogs will tolerate even the most rambunctious of children, some dogs won’t and unless parents have the information they need to prevent dog bites, these situations can end very badly for the dog and child concerned.

We’re here to provide information to help families prevent dog bites from happening. You can find out Why Dogs Bite for a better understanding of your dog’s point of view and to get tips on how to keep your children and dogs safe from stressful situations. If the unthinkable happens, you can find out How to Treat a Dog Bite, as well as find out about Dog Bite Law, so you understand your responsibilities as a dog owner to keep kids and the general public safe, and your rights if you or your child is bitten.

You’ll see that it’s not as simple as finding the best dog breeds that are good with kids (from toddlers and small children to teens). Instead, it’s about understanding your unique dog and – most importantly – never leaving kids and dogs unsupervised.

So, read on and get tips to help your kids and dogs become best friends.


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